Awe-Inspiring Hiker Rescued After 2 Days Suspended 10,000 Feet (VIDEO)

cliffIt was like a scene out of a movie. A man clinging to a cliff for dear life, barely able to hold on to the slippery mountain surface. After more than two days, his strength starts slipping away and he fears this is the end. Then when almost all hope is lost, rescuers swoop in to save him.

That was the life and death ordeal 64-year-old Lawrence Bishop found himself in after he took a tumble while hiking alone in California's Sierra National Forest. “I've never been in a position to say, you know, ‘How much am I willing to do to stay alive?’” Bishop said. “I basically stayed awake all night and wrote a goodbye letter to my wife and daughter.”


Surely a less experienced hiker would not have survived. He had been climbing with friends but separated to conquer Dog Tooth Peak, taking photos on his way up. As Bishop tried to make his way down from the peak, he fell over backward and got stuck on a dangerously slick side of the mountain.

Finding a crevice to nestle his butt into, he dangled at a 45-degree angle for 52 hours, praying help would come. Rescuers, who risked their own lives running up the smooth granite plates, found him dehydrated, hungry, and hallucinating. 

Amazing that he had the stamina to hang on so long. Hasn't this guy ever seen 127 Hours? Watching James Franco saw off his arm with a pocket knife was surely enough to prevent me from ever hiking alone. It is truly a miracle that he survived. Let's just hope he brings a buddy along next time.

See more of the amazing rescue details here:

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Do you think it's reckless to hike alone?

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