Dead Man Rejected by Science for Being Too Fat & Now Family Wants Money

Did you know you can sue for anything? I mean, anything? Well, of course you did. This is America. Land of the free. Home of the litigious. And somehow, someway, one can always find a brave lawyer willing to tie up the courts with asinine lawsuits.

Take this one by the family of George Cardel. George had a heart attack in Queens, New York, and died, and I'm sorry for the family's loss. But now I just get angry. George's dream, apparently, was to donate his body to science. That's a noble cause. But since George weighed 300 pounds, science decided it couldn't do anything with George's body. Gee, that's a shame. So George's family decided to sue the hospital where George died for $2 million because of -- get this -- "grave humiliation." Yes, grave humiliation. I'm not making this up.


The hospital, the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, tried for 13 days to get various medical schools and labs to take George's body, but no one wanted it. Probably because he weighed 300 pounds.

Explains a medical examiner:

An obese person would be harder to dissect because of the amount of fat tissue under the skin. The brain is not obese and the muscle and ligaments are not obese. But it's really up to the medical school to make that decision.

But his family considers that "discrimination." Actually, it's called a body not conforming to what medical and science labs need. It's got nothing to do with discrimination. This isn't an airline that wouldn't let an alive George take a seat. Shame on the lawyer for trying to make this into some sort of discrimination suit.

When my grandmother died a few years ago, she too had stipulated in her will that her body be donated to science. So after she died at a hospital, as her power of attorney, I told the doctors about her wishes. About a week later came back the gravely humiliating (eye roll) news that science didn't want my grandmother's body. I think it had something to do with the operation she'd had right before she died.

Whatever the reason, the body didn't suit their needs. Oh, the humiliation!!!!! Little did I know I could have tried to pocket $2 million for humiliation and scorn heaped upon my grandmother's soul.

Instead, I coughed up the $6,000 the funeral home wanted for picking up my grandmother's body. Hmm, perhaps this is what George's family is so irate about it. I know, a donation to science would have been much cheaper, eh?

Do you think medical science rejecting an overweight body is discrimination?


Image via Stephen Cummings/Flickr

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