Should Mitt Romney Be Campaigning Abroad?

Romney in PolandIt's safe to say that Mitt Romney's European trip didn't go so well.

His recent visits to England, Israel, and Poland were intended to bolster his foreign policy street cred. Instead, they earned scathing coverage in the press.

You can read a full listing of his gaffes here.

With all this in mind, this week we're asking our political bloggers whether Mr. Romney should be campaigning in Europe at all.

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Media ridicule aside, some political experts say Romney's European tour won't really impact whether or not people vote for him. Americans are much more concerned with domestic policy than foreign matters right now, and that sentiment has definitely played out among the many moms I've talked to this year. The vast majority of them want their president to fix problems here at home, not overseas.

Yet Romney managed to incur the wrath of Europeans by suggesting London might not be prepared for the Olympics, among other things. And he made reporters cranky by taking just three questions from reporters the entire week he was in Europe. Matters weren't helped when Romney's traveling press secretary cursed at the press pool.

This could all have been avoided, of course, if he'd simply stayed at home.

Here's what our political bloggers have to say:

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