Romney Aide Tells Reporters to Kiss His Ass & Who Can Blame Him?

kiss markOn Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney laid a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw, Poland. As he was exiting, several reporters shouted at him, asking if he had any comments on his recent gaffes. How shouting stupid questions at a freaking cemetery isn’t a gaffe is beyond me, but whatever.

Romney’s traveling press secretary Rick Gorka initially responded by telling the reporters to “show some respect,” because obviously their mamas hadn’t taught them. Someone shouted, “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question ...” To which Gorka responded, "Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect." 

Side note: As several people mentioned on Twitter after this incident, the Obama camp doesn’t have to tell the press to kiss his ass, because they’re already doing it.


CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post all broke the peaceful reverence at the war memorial to honor the Polish people that have given their lives for their country by shouting at Mitt Romney and insisting that he hadn’t “taken but three questions this trip from the press.” Never mind the fact that the candidate had answered over a hundred questions during his tour in interviews with Greta Van Susteren, Brian Williams, Piers Morgan, and Wolf Blitzer. We’ll just pretend that never happened so we can justify the appalling behavior shown by the partisan hack media at a sacred place. 

These guys screamed at Mitt Romney, disturbed the peace, and generally made asses of themselves, yet we’re supposed to believe that it was Rick Gorka who was out of line telling them to kiss his ass? People get frustrated. They snap at people asking stupid questions. Sometimes I want to snap at my kids to “kiss my ass” when they ask for the eight-zillionth time when dinner is. I’m not going to let you starve, children.

Anyway, let’s skip back to the stupid questions. The press wanted to know if Governor Romney were concerned with the gaffes or mishaps on his trip. What gaffes or mishaps? He signed the date wrong by one day? Geez, Obama has trouble with dates too, only he’s not off by a day, he’s off by three years

What else? Romney insulted the Palestinians? Tell you what, Palestine ... you stop making kindergartners roll play murdering Israelis, and then you can whine about how insulted you are when someone comments on the fact that Israel has a much higher GDP than you. No one will listen, but you can go ahead and whine.

The Olympics thing? Is that the gaffe the reporters wanted a comment on? The incident when Romney said he was “disconcerted” about the 2012 London games? Hi, “disconcerted” is polite for “WTF, London?” Seriously. Most cluster-you-know-what games ever. Between the security issues, the incomplete buildings, the inability to get athletes to their training events due to a 32-mile traffic jam, the ponchos ... yeah, I think “disconcerted” was being kind. These Olympics are so bad, that they can’t even get anyone to attend them

So Rick Gorka told the shouty, lying, partisan press to kiss his ass. Can you blame him?


Image via TaniaSaiz/Flickr

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