Dumbest Congressman Ever Compares 'Free' Birth Control to 9/11 & Pearl Harbor

When you think of the horrific terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, you think of death, destruction, horror, fear, chaos ... and birth control? Yeah, apparently, if you're Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania, you actually consider the first mandate on the Affordable Care Act -- that women won't have to pay co-pays on birth control and breast exams -- to be the same as when terrorists attacked us on 9/11. Hey, Mike, you ignoramus! I was right in New York City on 9/11. I watched the Twin Towers burn. People were jumping from the buildings to escape hell on Earth. So far as I know, not one person has jumped from a building today because getting birth control may not require a co-pay.


Mike "The Genius" Kelly also compared the mandate to Pearl Harbor. You know, that time the country was attacked by the Japanese. Yeah, that's the same thing. Mike, you are officially the biggest idiot in Congress. And that's saying a lot.

Even if you don't agree with the mandate -- and can we make something crystal clear here? Insurance companies are not PAYING for birth control or breast exams. You are. Through your premiums. YOU pay. Not the government either. YOU. All that is being taken away is the co-pay. And there are a lot of other restrictions (including religious ones). That said, even if you don't agree with this mandate, it's nothing like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor! I suppose Mike Kelly thinks every time he takes a crap it's just like Hiroshima. Or when he stubbed his toe on the dining room table it was like the Dark Knight killings.

Just because you don't like or agree with a political action does not make it the equivalent to mass murder! This is, flat out, the most disgusting, self-serving, ignorant mumbo-jumbo I've heard. I think the families of the victims of 9/11 deserve to slap this idiot down HARD. Hey, CongrASSman, I know an entire family, a wonderful couple and their two very young beautiful daughters, who all died on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. An entire family, in their prime, wiped out of existence. THAT IS NOTHING LIKE NOT HAVING TO PAY A CO-PAY ON BIRTH CONTROL.

You creep. Get some therapy. You've got great health insurance picked up by the taxpayers that should pay for it.

Do you think the Affordable Care Act is like a terrorist attack?


Image via Brainsthehead/Flickr

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