Colorado Shooting Survivor's First-Hand Account Is Chilling but Surprisingly Hopeful (VIDEO)

megan saundersImagine if you had been in the third row in that theater during the horrible Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, Colorado. How would that feel? What's the first thing you would do? Would you jump to action or would you be paralyzed with fear?

Megan Saunders was in the theater that night, and she survived to talk about her experience. She tells us exactly where she was, what she did, and most importantly, how she felt. Her story gave me chills -- but the way she ends her story is surprisingly upbeat. See what you think.


I can completely identify with the way Megan reacted! I think I would have been too shocked to move, too. I can see how it would seem totally unreal because ... who expects something like that to happen in real life, ever? The only comparison I have is 9/11, when I watched the events unfold before my eyes from my then-office window just 10 blocks uptown. My brain almost literally couldn't process it all.

I'm glad for Megan that both she and her boyfriend escaped. She's obviously not upset with her boyfriend for leaving first -- it sounds like it was so chaotic, and they did find each other in the end.

I'm not sure how I feel about what she says at the end: "My feeling right now is I'm alive for a reason." On one hand, what does that say about the people who died? Were their lives any less important? What about their potential? On the other hand, carrying the idea that you were "saved" for a higher purpose must give you an incredible sense of mission. I hope Megan is actively looking for how she can live the rest of her fortunate life in a way that impacts the world for the better.

How would you have felt and reacted if you had been in that theater?


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