London Mayor Gets Stuck Hanging on a Zipline -- 'Nuf Said (VIDEO)

london mayorLondon's mayor is falling down, my fair ladies, but thankfully, there was a safety harness to catch him. In what sounds like something straight out of Monty Python, London mayor Boris Johnson was strapped into a harness, thrown on a zipline, given some flags, and was sent off across a crowd below, waving some Union Jacks. It was all fun and games until the zipline stopped 65 feet from the end, leaving the mayor suspended in the air, wondering who the hell talked him into this. Then he called for a rope, and the rest is viral video history. Please, do yourself a solid and watch this.


Some genius out there added R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" to the video, which brings it to a whole new level of hilarity.

Whether or not a rival political party is responsible for the less-than-taut wire responsible for Boris' sag is yet to be seen, but let this be a warning to all the US politicians out there -- if you're ever encouraged to squeeze your testicles into a nylon belt and fly over a scene of amused event-goers, ask yourself first if you have any zipwire-savvy political enemies.

How fantastic is this video?


Photo via egd2s/YouTube

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