Mom Who Lost 6-Year-Old & 'Miracle Baby' in Theater Shooting Gets More Devastating News

Every single person who was in the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting has suffered an unbearable tragedy. And yet one woman, Ashley Moser, seems to have suffered triple tragedies. First, her precious 6-year-old daughter, Veronica, died. And then Ashley suffered a miscarriage of the "miracle baby" she was carrying when she was shot. And now, even more terrible news has emerged. According to Ashley's aunt, Mary Ellen Hansen, Ashley is expected to be paralyzed due to her injuries. In fact, the best that doctors are hoping for right now is that she will retain use of her arms. Ashley is expected to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.


There is so much incredibly horrific news here that it is extremely difficult to find any good whatsoever. But, at the very least, Ashley seems to have dedicated family members by her side. And her boyfriend, Jamison Toews, the father of her unborn child, survived the shooting with a bullet graze to the head.

Ashley is going to need the support not just of her family, her friends, and her boyfriend going forward, but the entire community of Aurora. Perhaps the entire country. I can really only hope against hope that this 25-year-old woman finds the strength to not only continue to live, but to find positive meaning in life. I believe she will still have much to live for: The love of family and friends. Perhaps future children, depending. And, certainly, her own voice and experience. She now has a powerful voice and a shocking experience that she can use to make people want to listen to her. She has much to teach us all -- especially victims of other tragedies.

In all honesty, I do not know -- I don't think any of us know -- what we would do in her position. It is all just too unfair, twisted, cruel, and terrible. We should all hug our children a little tighter tonight, and be thankful for our routine days.

How can Ashley find the strength to continue?


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