Real-Life Noah’s Ark Heads for Olympics But Gets Turned Away by a Higher Power (VIDEO)

noah's arkWhat's 450 feet long, made partially of steel, and was supposed to go to the London Olympics? No, not some bionic superhero sprinter, but the reality is just as bizarre. Dutchman and creationist Johan Huibers asked British officials if it was cool if he docked his to-scale replica of Noah's ark in one of their waterways for the games, but the government wasn't really feeling it. I suppose they were a little taken aback by the request -- it's not every day someone's trying to park a biblical boat filled with life-size plastic animals, a theater, and a conference room in front of the Olympic stadium.


Huibers got the idea to build a replica of Noah's ark 20 years ago when he had a dream that the Netherlands would be flooded. He started out constructing a smaller version a few years ago, charged tourists to take a ride in it through the Dutch canals, then, using that money earned, he funded the building of an ark that followed as closely to the biblical description as modernity would allow. All in, the big ark cost about $1.6 million and was completed a few weeks ago. Jesus.

Huibers wanted to take his ark to the Olympics to educate kids -- the ark is somewhat of a Bible museum at this point -- but obviously, the higher-ups weren't too keen on the idea. Besides safety regulations (talk about a fire-hazard, one match and that 90 percent wooden ship is up in flames) and the limited amount of space, I gotta assume the Brits didn't want the ark in town in case Huibers was there to scoop up the two best athletes from each nation to take home with him on the boat. With that gene pool, he could re-launch one heck of a Denmark if the flood ever did wipe everything away.

I'll concede that it's pretty impressive what one can do if they set their mind, and their money, to it. Let's pray Huibers never has to use his ark for anything other than tourist ventures ... would suck if god decided to smite us and leave our earth covered in water. 

But if she does decide to flood the world, then hey, all the lucky ducks on board Jonah's ark will be treated to sleeping quarters, a theater, restaurant, and conference facilities to seat 1,500 people. All part of god's plan, I'm sure.

What do you think of Johan's Noah's ark?

See it under construction in 2011:


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