Shooting Victim Mom Who Already Lost Daughter Miscarries Her 'Miracle Baby'

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Just when we think we have entered the numbing, post-shock phase of the Colorado movie theater shooting, comes heartbreaking news to make it all brand new again. Shooting victim Ashley Moser miscarried her unborn child following surgery for gunshot wounds to her neck and abdomen. This was the baby that everyone was hailing the "miracle baby" for somehow being able to survive its mother's wounds. The same baby that lost a sister, 6 year old Veronica, the youngest victim, in this meaningless bloodbath. That same baby that everyone thought in their hearts would be delivered to term, to give mom Ashley a reason for living. Looks like James Holmes took that away, too.


It's moments like this that make you seriously question that "grand plan" that people like to talk about in hard times like this. Everything happens for a reason, we are told. But why this on top of everything else? What more could this poor young mom be put through and how will she ever be able to make sense and find acceptance in it all? Her grief must be unbearable at this point, if her family has even told her yet. They waited a while to break the news about her daughter because she was in such bad medical shape.

Now coming out of another surgery, she's greeted with even more tragic news. And the more we started to wonder whether James Holmes, sitting alive in that solitary cell, really did have severe mental problems that might in no way excuse but at least explain why he did what he did ... screw it. Screw him. He doesn't deserve the air he breathes. Any minuscule shred of understanding is wiped permanently away with his claiming of this innocent victim 13 who was denied a chance to even meet the world.

James Holmes will never be able to pay entirely for his brutal, evil crime. Even the death penalty doesn't seem harsh enough for him on this sad, sad day.

How will this young mom ever be able to recover from any of this?

Image via Lennart Tange/Flickr

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