Mailman Accused of Sexually Assaulting Kids in His Postal Truck (VIDEO)

postman frank saucierWhile the country is cringing at the Jerry Sandusky trial, the people of Manchester, New Hampshire may have another monster in their midst. A former mailman there named Frank Saucier is currently facing a criminal trial after being accused of sexually assaulting children in his postal truck.

According to investigators, between September 2011 and February 2012, Saucier let several children "play house" inside the vehicle. In these games, Saucier would play the "dad" and sometimes pretend to be driving the parked vehicle. He is also accused of spanking a 10-year-old boy on one of those occasions.

Once neighborhood parents became suspicious, they contacted the police, and the 43-year-old was removed from the mail route and has since been indicted on more than 10 charges alleging he sexually assaulted three children, aged 7 to 10, inside the vehicle. Uggghh ... Just relaying this makes my skin crawl!


I realize we don't live in 1955 and we can't expect neighborhoods to look like something out of Pleasantville or a Norman Rockwell painting, but has it really come to this? Do we really need to be freaking out that our children are going to be assaulted by a neighborhood postal worker? Someone who we allow onto our front stoops and inside our apartment buildings without question? Someone the government hires who we're supposed to trust?

Stories like this one make it seem like we now have to question everyone. Anyone who walks by us on the street, even in what you would think of as a safe neighborhood, could be a potential predator. It's enough to make your stomach turn. The only silver lining here is that parents did contact the authorities, and Saucier now faces trial.

All in all, though, what a complete nightmare. All we can hope is that justice is served, and the USPS starts doing a better job screening employees, so families like those in Manchester don't have to live in fear.

Does this story make you feel like you should question whether every single person might be a predator?

Image via wmurtv/YouTube

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