Moms Matter Road Trip: How Will We Care for Autistic Adults? (VIDEO)

Moms Matter 2012

If you recognize Marie Louise Ludwig, it's probably for the work she does as a host on home shopping channel QVC.

But her personal story is even more interesting than her professional one. Marie is a mother of three children between the ages of 18 and 23, and two of them are special needs kids. Well, technically, special needs adults.

Click through to see her amazing story- and how it could impact every one of us.


You've got to be impressed with the way that Marie Louise has managed to take her situation and turn it into something positive that could impact the lives of who-knows-how-many others. I love the idea behind her Stephanie's House non-profit organization, and hope it's a huge success. Visit it and make a donation if you'd like by clicking on the link above.

Also interesting to me was Ludwig's belief that if a presidential candidate vowed to fund autism research and care, he'd win the election. With so many families affected by autism now, you have to wonder if she's right...

What do you think?

Could Obama or Romney win over a significant number of voters by including autism funding in his platform? And what's your solution to the growing number of autistic children who are becoming adults? How will we as a nation meet their needs? Is this a concern you've thought about before?

Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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