Teacher Fired for Sexual Harassment With a Pie

pieSome women are sexually harassed by their teachers. Other women get sexually harassed by pie. PIE. How fresh! Performing arts teacher Gavin Bradford has apparently been hitting on his students in the grossest way: With food. The final straw came this week when he asked a student to shove a pie down his pants.

Yeah. Not my thing, either.

Needless to say he was fired for being "unfit to teach." Ya think? So then why didn't school officials know about his 20 other incidents of inappropriate food-related conduct at his previous school? I would whole-heartedly say he should have been deemed "unfit to teach" the first time he hit on a student. With a side of eggs. Or was it all just performance art?


No, it was NOT performance art! Geez. It was just a stupid, gross abuse of power. But maybe Bradford thought his students would take it as part of the creative process? I mean, what else goes through people's heads when they try shit like this on other people?

With most of these women (one was only 12!), he wanted them to chat with him via webcam while they doused their undies with sour milk or ketchup. Honestly, it's so weird it's hard to see what the erotic element is supposed to be. I mean, it's not exactly Mickey Rourke feeding blindfolded Kim Basinger 9 1/2 Weeks-style.

Maybe that's why Branford got away with his skeevy behavior for so long. Things look less rapey when ketchup is involved (Garrison Keillor claims it contains "mellowing agents"). Still, it's definitely crossing a line for a teacher. I'm glad Bradford has been fired.

What would you have thought if this had happened to you?


Image via slettvet/Flickr

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