Sexy Sarah Palin Lookalike Flown In to Entertain Conservatives at RNC

strip clubWhat goes better together than sex and politics? How about a Sarah Palin lookalike stripper and the RNC? Lots of GOP members are heading down to Tampa soon for the Republican National Convention, and to prepare for their arrival, the Florida city is rolling out the red carpet. And by that I mean they're preparing their strip clubs for one helluva week. According to reports, adult-themed clubs in the host towns of both the RNC and the DNC see an influx of business around convention time, and one particular establishment in Tampa is ready to capitalize on the opportunity. They've hired porn star, stripper, and Sarah Palin's doppelganger Lisa Ann to come and perform.

Hey, you can't flippin' refudiate that weewee'd up bit of logic, now can ya?


That small business owner is smartly taking advantage of a situation that's fallen into his lap dances. I'm sure customers who love adult dancers will also love a Sarah Palin lookalike stripper. I mean, what's not to like? Big boobs, sexy librarian glasses, giant automatic weapon ... it's the stuff pre-pubescent dreams are made of.

What I love most about this whole thing is that it's the opposite of what one might intuit. You might think that the RNC would cause maybe churches to be more crowded, or Chik-fil-As, but no, it's the seedy strip clubs that go against any and all sense of "family values" that witness a rise in customers. If anything, you'd think that the keeping up of appearances would be motivation enough for conservatives to avoid the nudey bars, but guess not. 

The DNC has the same kind of deluge of sex workers whenever it's held, but it seems less hypocritical, doesn't it? Whatever. Everyone go to your respective conventions, have a great time, pick a nominee, see some naked boobies, and let's call it even.

Wonder if a Hillary Clinton lookalike is prepping her sexy scrunchies as we speak.

What do you think?

Photo via goodiefirst/Flickr

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