Bizarre River Monster Washes Ashore & We Believe

Usually when someone claims to have snapped a photo of some mythical animal hybrid running through the brush or emerging from some dark lake, the grainy photo leaves a lot to be desired. But when Denise Ginley was strolling along the Manhattan side of the East River and happened to look at a small sandy patch under the Brooklyn Bridge and saw what appears to be some kind of river monster, she was able to take upclose photos that will have you saying, "I believe!" The smooth, hairless, bloated pinkish creature looks to be a little werewolf, a smidgen vampire, a dash of Loch Ness monster, and a just a pinch of angry mermaid.


After Denise spotted the creature and got up enough nerve to get close enough to it to take several photos, she posted them on a website. Theories as to what the creature was began immediately: It was an "R.O.U.S." (rodent of unusual size). It was a giant "Army rat." Maybe it was just a prop from a movie. It was something from Chinatown (ha!).

Of course, this isn't the first weird monster to wash up. A bloated "giant rat" that turned out to be a raccoon was found on Long Island. And let's not forget it wasn't that long ago that a "mermaid" supposedly washed ashore in Washington state.

As for the East River monster, since the Parks Department quickly removed the creature and disposed of it, many are crying foul and saying the thing should have been studied more closely. Come on, people, obviously they pickled the thing in a big jar and have it safely ensconced in the government's underground alien lab in Roswell!

I'm going to go with the animal expert who says it's a dog. But I won't rule out that it's a dog-pig-rat hybrid with a smidge of angry mermaid in its blood. Either way, I'm cancelling my East River kayaking plans!

What do you think the creature is?


Image via Kevin Dooley/Flickr

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