Filthy Rich Hamptons Couple Sued for Keeping Woman as a Slave

hands tied up with ropeFor people who watch the popular primetime soap Revenge, which follows lives of the rich and evil in the Hamptons, this might not seem like such "out there" news. But then again, it's reality -- not TV -- and that makes it totally terrifying. An Indonesian woman named Ni Ketut Sulastri is suing a mega-rich Hamptons coupleRose and Lawrence Halsey, for basically treating her like a slave, or indentured servant, between 2005 and 2008. 

And when we say these people are rich -- we're talkin' seriously, mind-blowingly RICH. The Hasleys are so rich that they live on a street that bears their family name! And yet, according to the lawsuit, they made Sulastri work 15 hours every day while earning only $350 a month, living in a closet, and being fed only leftovers and hot dogs. Insane!


And as if these preliminary details weren't enough to make your stomach turn ... apparently, when Sulastri complained, the Hasleys informed her that "nothing is free in America." Wowowow.

Sulastri was hooked up with the Hasleys via an Indonesian intermediary who said she'd be getting $450 a month, 9-to-5 hours, room, board, and a permanent legal status. Sadly, it sounds like the reality she faced upon arriving at the couple's home was much different.

Granted, we can't know for sure what went on here. But if what Sulastri says is true, it's absolutely gut-wrenching and downright embarrassing to think that people with boatloads of dough would commit such an act of human indecency. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how these people have all the money in the world and yet chose to enslave someone from another country who came here looking for a better life and has been left virtually powerless. Totally sick and crazy.

Thank goodness Sulastri has since become empowered and is taking the Hasleys to court! With hope, they'll be rightfully judged for these seemingly despicable actions.

How twisted is this!?


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