Surveillance Video of Missing Iowa Girls Deepens the Mystery (VIDEO)

missing iowa girls bikeAnother piece to the puzzle of missing Iowa girls Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook has surfaced: Surveillance video of the girls riding their bikes. The video is from the day the girls disappeared, at 12:11 p.m. (shortly after they were last seen). And get this: The video shows them riding AWAY from Meyers Lake.

So weird -- another detail that just doesn't add up!

Elizabeth's and Lyric's bikes were later found on a trail near the lake. How did that happen if they were headed away from the lake? And why on earth, over a week later, does the FBI still think the girls are alive? The more details we learn, the less everything in this sad, desperate story adds up.


First there was the matter of not sending out an Amber Alert because the girls' disappearance didn't fit the "profile." Huh? Police drained the lake and found no sign of the girls' bodies. Then there was the revelation of the girls' parents' criminal pasts -- which may not have anything to do with anything. And yesterday police said they were looking for someone who was paddle-boating on the lake at the time of the girls' disappearance.

One thing is becoming very clear, though: We don't know JACK. Whatever details have leaked out to the public are just breadcrumbs. We're not seeing the whole picture -- and unless the case is solved (and there's a public trial for the perp), we may never know everything that the FBI and police seem to know now.

But apparently even they don't know enough yet. They're examining the surveillance video for clues. Another day passes, and we still don't know what happened to these cousins.

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Are you surprised that the video shows the girls riding away from the lake?


Image via ABC News

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