Man Wanted for Beating 2-Year-Old to Death Gets Freakishly Impaled

fenceA man was recently killed by way of falling onto a fence and impaling himself after he touched a live wire while at work on a construction site. Disturbing, right? Well, get this: That man, Cesar Osuna, also happened to be wanted for beating a 2-year-old boy to death. Even more disturbing.

A toddler by the name of Juan Felix died in January of 2011 after being taken to the hospital. An autopsy performed showed that Juan Felix passed away from blunt force trauma. According to police reports, this poor, poor child, who should have never been subject to this unimaginable horrific abuse, suffered from multiple rib fractures, tearing of abdominal membranes, and a skull fracture.

So. A man who's wanting for killing a 2-year-old boy dies in a freak accident at work. Coincidence? Or did the universe know something we didn't?


Here's what happened: After Juan died, Osuna fled to Mexico from California, and apparently started working in construction. Police who were after him were able to identify him through various tattoos on his body. Meanwhile, Juan's mother, Noemi Mendoza, is in the midst of serving a six-year sentence after pleading no contest to willful cruelty to a child. (Mendoza was accused of leaving her child in the custody of someone considered dangerous. Apparently, there were indications that this completely innocent little boy had been abused on other occasions. Disgusting.)

So, if Osuna is the person responsible for killing a small child, maybe this is proof that, once in a while, karma does come around. I really don't see why any person disgusting enough to kill a 2-year-old boy should have the right to walk around a free man or woman. Or walk around at all. What happened to Juan Felix is stomach-turning sickening, a flat-out tragedy (and shame on his mother for leaving her son in harm's way to begin with).

So, now we have Mendoza in jail, and Osuna dead. Poetic justice served? I'm not so sure. Because even if Osuna was guilty, neither his death -- or Mendoza's jail sentence -- will be able to bring little Juan Felix back.

How horrible is this?

Image via marc falardeau/Flickr

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