Party Puppeteer Accused of Plotting to Kidnap & Eat Little Kids

Ronald BrownRonald Brown is a Florida puppeteer who makes his living entertaining children. He is also accused of openly engaging in online discussions where he said he wanted to strangle, rape, and eat children.

**Warning: The details of this are very upsetting.

The accusations against him are vile, indeed. A search of his home on July 19 turned up horrific photos of dead children and children in bondage. He also allegedly told FBI agents that he wanted to eat a little boy he met at a local church and mentioned online that he wanted to tie a child up, lock him in a closet, and then eat him for Easter supper. He also allegedly wrote that his mouth watered when he looked at a female toddler.

This is beyond disturbing and upsetting. It's beyond the most disgusting thing most of us can imagine. And the worst part is he worked with children.


As parents we all do our very best to protect our children from bad guys. We watch them at all times. We don't let them walk the dog by themselves or leave the backyard. But what if the bad guy is actually the person we invite into our home? What if he is the person we allow to play with our child and entertain them?

The fact is, children ARE in more danger from those people we know and trust. We fear strangers, and sure, stranger abduction and molestation happens, but it's far more common that the perp is someone the parent knows and trusts.

It doesn't really inspire must trust, does it? Cases like Etan Patz's in which a stranger snatched him from the street are far less common than the ones in which a trusted neighbor or teacher or friend molests a child.

Parents can't control the world. So we hire balloon artists and puppeteers and birthday entertainers. We trust coaches and teachers and many other adults with our most precious children. But then something like this comes up and gives us pause. How safe are we? The sickness is astounding when you think about it. So we don't.

We have to keep trusting. It's scary, indeed.

Does this make you as sick as it makes me?


Image via Pinella County Sheriff's Office

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