Navy Officer's Final Heroic Act During 'Dark Knight' Shooting Was One of Ultimate Kindness (VIDEO)

john larimerAs the days go on, details keep emerging about the tragic Dark Knight shooting in Aurora, Colorado. We've heard stories of extreme heroism and stories of extreme heartbreak. Now, another story within this horrible mess comes forth, one of both heroism and heartbreak. The story of Navy Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer, 27, who died while saving his girlfriend, Julia Vojtsek.


Julia, 23, said in a statement that John "immediately and instinctively covered me and brought me to the ground in order to protect me from any danger." She added: "John knowingly shielded me from a spray of gunshots. It was then I believe John was hit with a bullet that would have very possibly struck me. I feel very strongly I was saved by John and his ultimate kindness."

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It's hard to even put into words how something like this makes you feel. Hearing about someone laying down their life for someone else -- especially in the face of extreme violence, where there's no time to think -- is nothing short of astonishing. And it makes you wonder -- it makes me wonder at least -- how you would act if, god forbid, you were in a similar situation.

Not trying to focus on the wrong person here, but I kind of feel badly for Jamie Rohrs -- AKA, the man being dubbed "the father who fled his family." We keep hearing about all these acts of unbelievable bravery from this horrific tragedy, and then we subsequently keep hearing about what a "coward" Rohrs is for leaving his family. The fact of the matter is, most of us, thankfully, we weren't there. And we don't have all the details. Rohrs's story isn't as cut and dried as just up and leaving his loved ones.

I only bring this up because I'm sure people will feel the need to say mean things about Rohrs -- in the comments section and beyond -- after hearing about the inspiring and amazing acts of John Larimer. Why don't we not? Why don't we just focus on how incredible Larimer and his military counterparts are? There seems to be enough crappy things in the world these days, you know?

Pretty unbelievable, huh?

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