'50 Shades' Fetish Photos May Cost Woman Her Job

bondageA judge may lose her job because she posed in sexually explicit photos sporting bondage gear.

Jack King took 150 photos of his wife Lori Douglas, a chief judge in Canada, dressed in Fifty Shades of Grey worthy outfits. Her colleagues were none-the-wiser until he posted the pics to the adult website DarkCavern.com without her knowledge. Soon after, everyone became interested in what Douglas was wearing under her robes.


The images reportedly show Douglas posing with sex toys and performing sex acts. King, a divorce attorney, said that his wife was not aware he kept the photos, which he had stashed in the bottom of his sock drawer.

The story gets more sordid. On DarkCavern.com, King placed an ad seeking black or Hispanic men for sex. The whole sleazy scheme came to light when King tried to convince a client to have sex with his wife and showed him the photos. "I wanted to puke," Chapman said. "They were disgusting. I felt sick because I couldn't believe my lawyer was saying this to me." He then reported the harassment to King's law firm. He had a disciplinary hearing and was fined and now his wife is accused of sexually harassing Chapman too.

For her part, Douglas claims she had no idea what her husband was up to. And if that's truly the case, I think she should be able to keep her job and be left alone. In fact, if it weren't for King allegedly harassing his client, their private sex life should have remained just that -- private. Though officials say the photos have undermined her ability to act as a judge. To that I say, "Horsesh*t!"

God only knows what all of those other judges do behind closed doors. If Douglas had nothing to do with trying to lure Chapman into sex, then she is innocent of any wrongdoing and should keep her job. So what if she is into BDSM. Clearly from the reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey, millions of other people are too. If she wants to wear nipple clamps on her down time -- what difference does it make? Playing Anastasia Steele after hours has nothing to do with the fact the woman is a qualified judge.

Do you think this judge should lose her job because of a sexual fetish?


Image via Mikamatto/Flickr

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