What Do You Think About Fracking? (VIDEO)

FrackingFracking is changing landscapes like this one.Mention fracking to a mom in the Southeast and you're likely to get a blank stare.

But in the Northeastern states, the subject comes up over and over and over again. During our Moms Matter road trip, moms in Pennsylvania and Ohio couldn't stop talking about it.

Want to know more about the fracking debate and how it impacts all Americans?

Check out our video report after the jump -- then tell us in the comments where you stand on fracking.


There's quite a bit of debate over whether or not fracking is harmful to the environment. To read about the issue from an environmental perspective, check out Clean Water Action's fracking information page.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article called "The Facts on Fracking," addressing common misconceptions about it and presenting its own research on the issue.

Salon.com recently published "Confirmed: Fracking Can Pollute," pointing to new evidence from a recently released study on fracking.

And this morning, "Fracking critics' science dubious" ran in newspapers across the country.

If anything is certain, it's that more research needs to be done on fracking before we really know with certainty whether it's harmful to our environment.

Watch our report and tell me what you think about fracking in the comments!


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