Missing Iowa Girls May Be Alive & Mysterious Boater May Know Something

missing Iowa girls

Some hopeful news on a day that everyone is talking about children being shot in movie theaters and abused by football coaches. Investigators think the two missing cousins from Iowa are still alive! The girls' bodies are not in the lake, and the case has been officially classified an "abduction." But what exactly did they find or discover that makes them think that? You almost never hear investigators say they believe that an abducted child is still alive after almost a week later. There is definitely something up here, a twist is coming that we don't expect, I can feel it. Could the mysterious person in the paddle boat on the lake possibly hold the key?


Police are looking to interview someone who was paddleboating on the lake at the time the girls vanished. He or she is not necessarily a suspect, but police obviously think he may have seen something. I wonder if this has some connection to the "object" near the shore bagged as evidence that everyone made a big deal about.

Late last week it appeared as if the parents might have had something to do with the girls' disappearance, as they were reportedly not cooperating with police. Dan Morrissey and Misty Cook-Morrissey, Lyric's parents, have both served time in jail over drug charges, and Dan has a history of domestic violence. But Misty Cook-Morrissey apparently submitted to a lengthy lie detector test today and is telling everyone she passed. Dan is also currently off the hot seat for now, though he's being watched closely.

It can't be that difficult to track down people in the area who have paddle boats. I'm sure investigators are scouring the county as we speak. Another theory could be the disappearances are linked to the parents' drug past. Or, maybe someone the girls knew took them.

The case is so wide open right now that any scenario is possible. In the end it really doesn't matter what it is as long as the girls are found safe and unharmed, and let's hope that happens very soon.

What's your theory? What do you think happened to those girls?

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