Tough Mom Fights Off Would-Be Rapist With One Hand

regina hiebertDoes it feel like we've had a lot of bad news lately? Well I've got a fabulous story you'll love. A woman in Winnipeg recently fought off a potential rapist -- with one hand. You know that saying, "I can fight you with one hand tied behind my back"? Well, that's this woman, only she was dialing 911 with her hand behind her back. And it probably won't surprise you at all to hear she's a mom.

Of course she is! Who else knows how to multitask like that? A mom, that's who.

Regina Hiebert is a mother of three grown kids who was walking home from work one afternoon around 3:15 p.m. A young man hopped off his bike and started groping her, clearly with the intention of raping her. Regina was pissed. She was sure as hell not going to let that happen to her, especially in broad daylight!


She managed to dial with one hand extended behind her back while she fought off her assailant with her other hand. Once she'd yelled out her information, she pinned the guy's arm behind his back, wrestled him to the ground, and sat on him until help arrived (she says he's a little bit taller than her). He whined and said he was drunk and felt sick. She told him he could very well just puke right there -- again, just like a mom!

But being a mom is just part of it. Regina says she credits her Wonder Woman action to taking self-defense classes, her physical strength, her faith, and channeling her anger the right way. "When I get angry, I have a lot of strength," she says. It's good to know that it's not just The Hulk -- women can use their strong emotions like anger to fight against an enemy.

She adds, "The secret to getting through something like this is 'Don't panic, but think through what you're going to do now.'" Wow, she makes me want to take a self-defense class and work out more, right? That's exactly why Regina is telling her story. She says she's worried about the women and girls in her area who aren't as strong and may not be able to fight off an attacker this way.

Have you ever fought back against an attacker?


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