Tony Robbins' Motivational 'Hot Coals' Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

nicole fabian-weber
I'm not above saying that maybe a small part of me has wanted to attend a Tony Robbins seminar. I'm mixed. Part of me thinks the whole thing is a little hokey, and, you know, scam-y, but the other part me -- the tragically unmotivated, self-doubt-filled, negative self-talking part me -- thinks, "Dagnabbit, an 'Unleash the Power Within' convention sounds like a fine idea!" However, when it came time for the "walking on hot coals" portion of the seminar, I'd most likely be found in the restroom, as walking barefoot on scalding hot anything doesn't sound like fun. I know it's mind over matter, but I'm a negative self-talker, remember? Although, who knows, maybe I'd be motivated after hearing Tony speak ... Anyway!

A group of people who were at a Tony Robbins convention did the opposite of what I'd do -- they walked upon the hot coals Tony unveiled before them like the brave soul I am not. Unfortunately, though, they got burned. And not, like, figuratively; they literally got burned.


Last Thursday, in the midst of Robbins' four-day seminar in San Jose, at least 21 people suffered from burns after they attempted "The Firewalk Experience"; at least three of those people are being treated at a hospital. The feat, which Robbins and his team have been doing safely for "more than three decades," has participants walk across a bed of coals that -- get this -- is heated to temperatures between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees! The purpose is to show people that "there is absolutely nothing [they] can't overcome." Jonathan Correll, a witness, said he heard "wails of pain and screams of agony" afterwards, adding, "It sounded like people were being tortured."

My heart goes out to these injured people; really, it does. Here they were, just trying to get a little inspiration in their lives and they got burned -- again, literally -- in the process. Perhaps this will be motivation for Tony to come up with a new encouraging activity. I mean, walking on coals heated to over 1,000 degrees and not being bothered by it sounds like it would really hit the whole "your mind is your most powerful tool" message home. But clearly it doesn't always work. And when it doesn't work, people get burned. Literally.

Would you ever walk on hot coals?


Image via comedy_nose/Flickr

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