James Holmes 'Definitely' Wanted Children in Yet Another Potential Online Dating Account

It seems that mass murderer James Holmes had not only been meticulously planning his horrific sneak attack for months, loading up with multiple guns and 6000 rounds of ammo, but he'd also been diligently looking for a girlfriend and possible mother of future children. Holmes not only had an AdultFriendFinder profile, but also a Match.com profile. Maybe. TMZ reports that a woman named "Diana" was shocked to check her online dating account only to find the face of James Holmes staring back at her as a "potential match." Ewww. That'd be enough to put me off online dating forever. And, like a lot of online profiles, let's just say that Holmes didn't exactly reveal his true self!


According to the profile posted on TMZ (which Match.com has not confirmed is real) Holmes described himself as a slender, agnostic social drinker and non-smoker, and someone who "definitely" wants kids. He also supposedly wrote (quoting the movie Borat): "You should message me if you're interested, obviously. Or lookin' for sexy times. Very nice!"

He also describes himself as 5 feet 11 inches, while the media has consistently described him as over six feet tall. His profile shot is the one of him on FriendFinder with his dyed carrot top hair, and one of his photos includes the one on FriendFinder with the poster of busty model Keeley Hazell over his shoulder. Guys do have a tendency to put up bizarre photos of themselves on dating sites -- even ones that wouldn't seem to snag them a date. So, who knows, maybe it happened. But it also could be an indication that this profile is fake.

Holmes' profile name was "Classic_Jim" and his tagline was the same from FriendFinder, "Will you visit me in prison?" The profile also says James is "interested in soccer." He listed his favorite movies as Dumber and Dumber and Star Wars.

Not too surprisingly, Holmes said nothing about his plans to rig his apartment with bombs and murder a bunch of people in a movie theater. I have my doubts that the profile is real, but let's at least be thankful he didn't get his wish to have children.

Do you think the Match profile is real?

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