'Dark Knight Rises' Movie Massacre: Alleged Shooter Identified & All the Latest (VIDEO)

james holmesThe death toll has risen since reports first surfaced about the shooting at a Dark Knight Rises movie screening on Colorado. Police say at least 12 people were killed by a shooter, who police believe to be 24-year-old local James Holmes. He was arrested at the scene after cops found him near a car at the back of the theater.

A frightening 911 call gives a hint of the chaos that erupted after the shooter entered the theater with a rifle, handgun, and explosives and began his killing spree. 

Pentagon officials say members of the U.S. military are among the dead and 50 people injured, as well as a number of children. So far, he doesn't appear to have terrorist ties and his motive is still unknown. But investigators are searching his home and looking for explosives and other devices that may be there. They have also learned more details about the alleged gunman's background.


Profiles of Holmes are steadily emerging. According to the Associated Press, he dropped out of the University of Colorado Medical School in Denver last month.

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The Denver Post reported that in an apartment application filled out last year, he described himself as student who was "easy going" while other tenants called him a "recluse." One neighbor said Holmes kept to himself and wouldn't acknowledge people when they passed in the hall and said hello. "No one knew him. No one," he said.

The crime in this tiny town has shaken the nation, prompting both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to break from campaigning to comment on the tragedy.

Hear the frightening 911 call here:


Listen to President Obama's comments:

What do you think motivated this shooter?


 Image via University of Colorado Denver

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