Woman Calls 911 Unhappy About Mugshot, Gets New Mugshot for Illegal Use of 911

woman 911 mugshotIf you've ever had an unflattering picture published in the local paper, you feel this lady's pain. Georgia woman Tonya Ann Fowler was disappointed when she opened her local paper to the front page of the "Bad and Busted" section to find her mugshot. It wasn't the fact that she was featured in this section that ticked her off, it was how she looked in her mugshot that sent her over the edge. Apparently, Fowler didn't think she looked her best and did what's only natural -- she picked up the phone and called 911 to complain about the displeasing photo.

Thing is, Fowler isn't as dim as you may think. In fact, she's kind of a genius.


You see, it's illegal to call 911 for such trivial complaints. You can't call the emergency line just because you hate how your hair looks in your mugshot, or because you're incredulous that McDonald's ran out of chicken nuggets, or because you didn't like your burger. It's unlawful to call the cops in these situations and it can come with punishment.

Punishment that requires another booking which, wait for it, enables another mugshot. Brilliant.

After placing the actionable phone call, Fowler was charged with unlawful use of 911 and disorderly conduct. When she was booked, she got a fresh new mugshot and was held in the county jail for three days until she bonded out.

I hope when Fowler opens the local paper this time around, she's pleased with her new look. The photo above is the second mugshot, from the illegal 911 call, which begs the question: what did the before picture look like?



Photo via Barrow County Detention Center

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