Barbara Walters Rejects George Zimmerman ... Was This 'God's Plan' Too? (VIDEO)

barbara waltersHow do you blow an interview with Barbara Walters before the first question? Ask Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. After much negotiation between his lawyers and ABC, Walters flew down to Florida yesterday to interview the Zim. She even agreed to air her interview with George after Sean Hannity's, so she wasn't even getting the first scoop. But at the last minute George came in making some crazy-ass demands. Walters had no choice but to bail on the interview with Zimmerman.

Apparently George showed up for his interview wearing a t-shirt instead of a suit. "That should have been my first clue," Walters later said. George then told Barbara that he wouldn't do the interview unless she granted one more wish request. Barbara declined to reveal what that request was, but the New York Post claims they know.


Walters says only that George's request "was a condition that, being a member of ABC News, I was unable to grant." But supposedly George Zimmerman told Walters he would do the interview only if ABC would pay to put him and his wife up in a hotel FOR A MONTH.

He made that kind of demand of Barbara Freakin' Walters?!? What is the matter with you, son? This morning on The View Walters said she had the impression "he is desperate for money" and that he's concerned about the safety of his family, who face death threats. But the ladies called it: "He's crazy," said Roseanne Barr. Thank you, Roseanne! My thoughts exactly.

But the zany deepens: The Zim and his lawyer called into the show to say they would do the interview after all -- for free! AYFKMWTS?!? Walters said no because just NO. Sheesh.

So if you suspected all along that maybe, perhaps George Zimmerman is just a wee bit unhinged, you are correct. Oh sure, he's all stressed out now because of the death threats and such. (If you blink you'll miss my daily five seconds of compassion for George Zimmerman just zoom on by!) But what's with telling Sean Hannity that the events that unfolded that fateful night (i.e. George stalking and shooting an unarmed boy) are "all God's plan"?!?

Jesus wept!

What do you think George Zimmerman's actions say about his mental state?


Image via ABC

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