Missing Iowa Girls' Family Is Seething Mad at Police

Lyric Cook Morrissey Elizabeth CollinsThe mystery of what happened to missing Iowa girls Lyric Cook Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins is growing. And now there's another kink in the search for the cousins who went for a bike ride on a summer day and never came back. The police and the family can't seem to get on the same page.

It would be bad enough that Lyric's father Dan Morrissey allegedly stormed out of one of the meetings with cops after being accused of playing a role in their disappearance. But every time the girls' families talk to the media, they have another complaint about how police in Evansdale are handling their case.


I get it. An 8-year-old and a 10-year-old should be sitting on the back porch, swinging their legs, and licking Popsicles, not the center of a national missing child case. The family has every right to be stressed. And when you add on allegations that members of their own clan have been fingered as suspects, you expect blood pressures to rocket.

The police need to be understanding with the Morisseys and the Collinses. This isn't easy for them. They need to go easy on them.

And yet, two children are missing, have been missing since Friday. Almost a week has passed. We are well past that critical "48-hour" window that every police TV show warns parents is optimal for getting a missing kid back.

Lyric and Elizabeth need both a family and a police force focused on THEM. This is not the time to get bent out of shape about allegations that may or may not prove true in the end -- if they really are false, all the more reasons to cooperate and prove them wrong! It's not time for family members like their grandmother to tell the police, who have actually gone to school for this, that they shouldn't be draining a lake that the girls' bikes were found near because "you" think it's a waste of time.

It is time for everyone to put aside their egos. It is time for everyone -- family, police -- to call a truce and decide that they are going to work toward a common goal. That goal? Finding two little girls.

What do you make of this battle between parents and police?


Image via Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office

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