Introducing the Moms Matter 2012 Swing State Road Trip - First Stop: Youngstown, Ohio (VIDEO)

moms matter roadtripThis summer, the Moms Matter 2012 team is hitting the road to bring you stories from the moms and explore the issues that will decide the presidential election in November. We're focusing on key swing states for our road trip because even if you don't live in one of these states, what happens in these states will ultimately determine the election. We're traveling America's highways and windy country roads to find out what moms are thinking in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa. We hope you'll come along for the ride!

Our first stop on the road trip is Ohio, a key battleground state. With 18 electoral votes and a history of close elections, Ohio is a must-win for both Obama and Romney - you can bet they'll be spending LOTS of time here. Ohio is also a bellwether for picking the winner on election night. Only once since 1944 has Ohio sided with the losing candidate. (*Do you know when? The answer is at the bottom...)


We visited Youngstown, Ohio, a mid-size city in Northeastern, Ohio that has been seeing a bit of an economic resurgence over the past few years due largely to natural gas drilling in the area and an uptick in manufacturing jobs.

We met with a group of moms (and their children) here to see what will be driving their vote in November. The group was pretty evenly split between Obama voters, Romney voters, and undecided voters. Ohio's coveted electoral votes are clearly up for grabs because even amongst "decided" voters there's a lack of enthusiasm for their pledged candidates. During our conversation, we covered topics ranging from the auto bailout to public education and health care. See what these moms had to say:

If you were Obama's or Romney's political strategist, what would you tell them to do in order to win Ohio?

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* In 1960 Ohio picked Nixon over Kennedy, spoiling its otherwise perfect record.

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