Bobcat Breaks Into Prison Using His Cat-Like Speed & Reflexes (VIDEO)

bobcatYou've heard of breaking out of prison, but have you ever heard of breaking into prison? A bobcat in Washington state wanted to show the world what's up when he made his way into the Monroe Corrections Complex via a fence onto the roof. The animal was startled by guards around 11:30 p.m. last night and ran through some razor wire before trapping himself on the top of the building. A vet was called in to tranquilize the poor guy, and eventually, the bobcat was carried off the premises. A dream, I'm sure, for many of the prison's inmates.

Experts are saying that the bobcat "made a mistake", but I think the feline deserves a little more credit than that.


The bobcat broke into human prison to get taken to animal prison because it’s probably better behind bars than it is in the wild these days, with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch heading for his shores and his shrinking habitat and everything. Poor thing knew that there would be three square meals in the big house and, if he's lucky, some cable. He was just trying to make a better life for himself.

As luck would have it, the bobcat is being released back into the wild after his stitches heal. It's likely a blessing and a curse.

And if any of you out there have cat-like speed and reflexes, there’s a good chance you too can escape into prison. Never say all those hours of soccer and ballet practice never paid off. Prison, here you come.

Watch the incredible story:


Photo via just chaos/Flickr

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