Dad Turns Back for a Second & Baby Swallows Heroin

Lorena Vizina Justin RobinsonA baby is in a Nevada hospital in serious condition, and police say it's because she ingested heroin. Now both her mom and dad are under arrest, and we're faced with one of those horrifying reminders that "child abuse" doesn't always mean purposely hurting a child. And it doesn't matter if things turn out right in the end.

Neither 25-year-old Justin Robinson nor 23-year-old Lorena Vizina seems to have purposely fed their 1-year-old heroin. But they're both facing child abuse charges, and it's not hard to see why.


The couple has allegedly admitted to smoking heroin in front of their child. Strike number one.

Then Vizina left for work as an escort, and Robinson told cops he put his daughter down on the living room floor so he could go wash his face and get dressed. Police documents show that he came back after just a few minutes and saw a white powder on the girl's lips.

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Robinson checked her airway for an obstruction, and after allegedly letting her shake for 45 minutes, he took her to her grandparents' house to get advice on her care. Somehow she made it to the hospital, fortunately. Although she's in serious condition, the baby should be OK.

I'm glad for the sake of the child.

But when it comes to punishment, it doesn't matter if this case ends well, does it? She shouldn't have been in a house with heroin to begin with. You can do all the right things after you majorly screw up, but it doesn't suddenly erase everything.

What do you think should be done to these parents? Should they get a break or severe punishment?


Image via Reno Police

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