New Clues in Decade-Old Molly Bish Murder Case May Finally Convict Her Killer (VIDEO)

Molly BishTwelve years ago, 16-year-old Molly Bish was taken from her lifeguard post in Warren, Massachusetts, murdered, and then dumped in the woods. The case has haunted police investigators for more than a decade. Rodney Stanger has always been a person of interest in the case, but new clues found in the convicted murderer's (he was convicted of killing his girlfriend three years ago) trailer home in Florida may finally solve this vexing case once and for all.

For those of us who live in Massachusetts, the Molly Bish case is a scary one -- a pretty, blond lifeguard who was doing all the right things disappears. It's a nightmare for her family and for all women.

Stanger has long been a person of interest in the case, but when Bonnie Kiernan went to Florida to get her dead sister's things from the trailer she shared with Stanger, she found many odd items. See below:


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She found a photograph bearing a striking resemblance to a sketch of a man Molly's mother saw in the parking lot the day her daughter went missing. She found little girl hair ties and barrettes and safety deposit keys to a mystery box police need a warrant to open.

Even more damning, Kiernan says her sister once referenced a pet bird she and Stanger named "Molly ... murders." Her sister thought the plural use of "murders" might have been referencing a second Massachusetts murder of a little girl named Holly Piirianen back in 1993.

If so, it would be infuriating. How could investigators not know this? It shouldn't take two more murders to solve a case like this, and if he were a person of interest, how did he get away with owning all these items and not getting caught?

Obviously, it's easy to see things with hindsight and Stanger still hasn't been convicted, so he is innocent for now. Further, Kiernan certainly has her own reasons to believe he is guilty of the Bish murder.

But after 12 years, if Stanger has been the one and he was allowed to flee to Florida and name his pet after the murdered girl just to flaunt what he did and his freedom, then he deserves to rot. Of course, the sad truth is Molly's family will likely never get justice for their murdered child. He is already in jail for murder. He had to kill another woman to get caught. Even if he is convicted, little will change. He is already incarcerated. But at least they will know.

Have you followed the Molly Bish case? Do you think the sister is telling the truth about the pet bird?


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