Let's Hope Mitt Romney's VP Candidate Isn't an Arrogant 'Ken Doll' Too

mark rubio

It is no secret that I loathe Mitt Romney. I think his campaign is fueled by hubris. He is disingenuous and crooked. Romney cares more about his cronies than the American people. He has no sense of what it is to be a working American and does not value the so called 99 percent. He is hopelessly out of touch. Romney has made disparaging comments about many segments of our population and continues to plaster on his Ken doll grin and coif his ever-so-perfect mane and stand on stage after stage berating Barack Obama. It seems all he can do is say “Obama sucks!” without filling in anything compelling, original, or productive. Sounds like a weak campaign strategy to me. And for the record, I do not begrudge the man his financial success. What he has in dollars he lacks in empathy and ethos. Mitt Romney needs to face up to his shortcomings and choose a running mate who will more than compensate for his dire lack of perspective.


So who will it be? Campaign advisors are tirelessly vetting a slew of Republican party darlings.

A woman?

A Latino?

An African American?

Or another Bain-esque crony?

Senator Marco Rubio might be his closest bet, but I have a hunch Mr. Rubio has his own political aspirations and won’t risk being tarnished by the bane of Mitt Romney. He is a rising star with a new book to promote. His appeal for Romney are his immigrant heritage, religious fervor, and Tea Party leanings. Rubio presents a more charismatic "American Dream" package to counter Romney's privileged prep school persona. I can’t begin to make a vice presidential prediction, but I can tell you that the vetting process requires the potential candidates to disclose more than Romney himself has.

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