Boy Scouts' Gay Announcement Could Be Their Undoing

Boy ScoutsThe Boy Scouts of America has announced they will continue to discriminate against gay kids and adults alike, just as they have for years. I'll say this for the BSA, they're consistent. They consistently disappoint American parents and bring shame to the thousands upon thousands of boys who came up through their ranks over the years.

The organization is considered one of the largest of American youth with 2.7 million members. And yet, the announcement made to the press today shows just how out of touch the gay-hating Boy Scouts are with the kids in America.


The irony is the Boy Scouts claim theirs is a program that "builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness." But their promotion of discrimination is in direct opposition to the concept of character, and their refusal to change with the times means the children in their ranks are being ill-prepared for the real world, where they will be citizens adrift.

Consider this: the average age most homosexual Americans come out of the closet used to be sometime in the mid-20s. Now it's in the mid-teens, due largely to the fact that they find a more accepting environment. Six in 10 teenagers say homosexuality is a "way of life" and think it should be accepted in society.

And these are the people the Boy Scouts wants to show up to Scout meetings and try to attain the Eagle rank? Not likely.

And let's talk about the adults who the BSA thinks should volunteer to lend a hand as Scout masters. It's been two years since America officially crossed the symbolic "50 percent support" threshold for support of gays and lesbians. These days more parents think discrimination against the LGBT community is wrong.

Come to think of it, with the number of people they won't be serving, it's only a matter of time before the Boy Scouts runs out of people to peddle its narrow world view to. It sounds like the decisions makers at the Boy Scouts of America are signing their own death warrant.

What do you make of the Boy Scouts' refusal to change?


Image via anja_johnson/Flickr

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