Watch Accused Subway Groper Get Taken Down by Good Samaritans (VIDEO)

subwayWe New Yorkers are known to keep to ourselves on the subway. That's just an unwritten rule. No eye contact, no warm smiles. We mind our own business -- that's just what we do. Thankfully a group of straphangers broke that rule to capture an alleged subway groper.

They leaped into action after a woman yelled, "He groped me!" on a crowded L train ride, and every crazy, action-packed moment of the citizen's arrest was caught and tape and has quickly become a YouTube hit.


On the two-minute clip, you can see the alleged groper desperately clinging to a subway pole as two men try to pry him off. After a lot of tussling, they manage to pull him off the train and onto the platform where they basically sit on him until the cops arrive. The man was arrested and charged with forcible touching for grabbing a woman around the waist and feeling her butt.

I'm usually not a fan of vigilante justice, but I am grateful for it this time around. Every woman who rides the subway here has been warned about gropers lurking around. Like this guy, they give a quick squeeze and then hope to blend into the always packed crowd. Well, maybe future predators will think twice now.

This story is amazing for many reasons. In a city where it's tough for a pregnant woman to even get a seat on a bus or train, these heroic passengers jumped up to apprehend this guy. They had no idea if he had a weapon or was even hopped up on something like the face-eating inducing bath salts. A protective instinct took over and they wanted to help. Clearly proof that New Yorkers have gotten a bad rap. Forget the caped crusader and Spider-Man. These everyday guys are the real heroes we should root for.

See every minute of the amazing takedown here:

 Does this change your perception of New Yorkers?


Image via emilydickinsonridesabmx/Flickr

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