Mayor Stubbs of Alaska Is the Purr-fect Running Mate for Romney (VIDEO)

Stubbs catFor 15 years, Mayor Stubbs of Talkeetna, Alaska has presided over his town of 900 with a benevolent, gentle hand. He was a write-in candidate who won the election handily 15 years ago and since then has become the "best mayor" the town has ever seen.

But he is no "pussy." Except in one major way. He's a cat. Oh yes. Mayor Stubbs is a feline who likes cat nip in the afternoon. It's no joke.

Remember how during the last presidential election cycle, Sarah Palin tried to convince us that being the mayor of a small town in Alaska qualified her for the second highest office in the United States? Well, if it did, we are in trouble. See below:

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Obviously, Stubbs is not making major policy decisions (um, we hope), but the idea is still there. Might he be Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick? Is it possible he would be superior to Sarah Palin, especially in the intellectual department?

The idea of a cat mayor is insane, to be sure. But it does say something about how fed up people are with politics in this country. Whether you are left or right, there is a certain "same-ness" to all candidates. And even though I am voting for Obama and will almost always support the Democrat, I can also see how old it all gets.

There is rarely a candidate who I completely agree with in every way. I am definitely further to the left than Obama and most Democrats anyway.

Most of us fall in that way and get frustrated by how little is accomplished once "our" candidate is in office anyway. Politics is a frustrating, no-win game it seems about 90 percent of the time.

Mayor Stubbs makes sense. Sure, he is a joke, but so are half the people in Washington, D.C. at any given time. Personally, I think my cat could do a better job than many of them in many ways.

What do you think of this cat mayor? Think he would make a good running mate for Romney?



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