Why Mitt Romney Shouldn't Choose a Female Running Mate

sarah palinRepublican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made his choice regarding his VP pick, if you believe the rumors circulating from his “friends” to The New York Times. Regardless, a decision will be made and announced within the coming weeks, which leaves us wondering in the meantime ... who’s it going to be? 

Let me preface what I’m going to say next with I believe that women are strong, capable, and just as competent as any man in almost any job. I’ll give sumo wrestling to the boys, but other than that, women can hold their own against the men folk. There are a number of lovely, intelligent, proven women in politics that I believe would make excellent candidates on the 2012 presidential ticket. Governor Nikki Haley and Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers come to mind.


Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you that I think putting a woman on the ticket with Mitt Romney is a bad idea. Any woman, no matter her credentials or background, would be Sarah Palin-ized by the press immediately. Governor Palin was a conservative darling when she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate in 2008. She had a 90 percent approval rating as Governor of Alaska, for Pete’s sake!

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She was absolutely marginalized by the press, and I predict that it will happen again if Romney picks another female. It sucks, I don’t like it, but don’t hate the player, hate the game. Romney needs to play to win.

Who’s left on the short list for veepstakes? There are some thoughts that it might be Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota. Bless his heart, but please no. I know we’re not supposed to care if a candidate is exciting, but Pawlenty lacks the presence and magnetism to get people to donate or otherwise volunteer for the campaign. Like I said, don’t hate the player ...

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is still a strong contender, as is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, both of whom I believe make excellent choices. Proven records, “ah-shucks” good looks, and immigrant backgrounds (both are first generation natural born citizens) that bespeak of overcoming obstacles to achieve the American dream.

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Senators John Thune (South Dakota) and Rob Portman (Ohio) are also theoretically being vetted for the VP spot. Both of these men are skilled orators that exude confidence that lacks cockiness, a welcome contrast to Barack “the oceans will recede” Obama. Besides, Ohio is a coveted swing state, so point in Portman’s favor. 

My guess is that Governor Romney will pick from this list, but we’ve been surprised before. Please choose carefully, Mitt. This election is yours so long as you don’t “John McCain” us. Think about it.

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Who would you pick for Mitt Romney’s Vice President?

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