Beyonce's Letter to Michelle Obama Is an Eye-Opener for Moms (VIDEO)

beyonce letter to michelle obamaIt was only a matter of time before Beyonce jumped on the Barack Obama 2012 campaign train. But her celeb endorsement of the President isn't exactly what you might expect. In fact, the ad doesn't really have that much to do with our POTUS at all. It's all about our FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

In the new ad, B reads a letter penned to Michelle, which she posted on her website a few months back. The "Bootylicious" new mama's high esteem for the First Lady is interspersed with a montage of what could only be referred to as "the First Lady's Greatest Moments." The ad itself is no big surprise, given how Beyonce has basically had a friend crush on Michelle since before she serenaded the First Lady and her husband at his first Inauguration. But believe it or not -- this isn't only a mushy-gushy lovefest from one of the world's most famous, powerful women to the other. It's much more than that.


Because in this ad, Beyonce's not a world-famous performer, movie star, or royal Mrs. of hip-hop mega-mogul Jay-Z. She's just another American mom -- one who happens to be tremendously grateful for everything Michelle has done for our country and women around the world. And beyond that, she's so happy that her daughter, Blue Ivy, will grow up knowing a strong, African-American female icon like Michelle Obama is/was First Lady of the United States.

Check it out ...

Okay, some will argue that we're not re-electing Michelle in the fall. She's not the one running the country. But just considering all of the First Lady's attributes and accomplishments Beyonce notes, those arguments are clearly based on a technicality. In other words, with Barack, we get Michelle. And given everything she has done and stands for, that's something American voters -- especially moms -- can't take for granted this fall.

Can you relate to Beyonce in this ad? Will the First Lady factor into your decision this fall?


Image via BarackObamadotcom/YouTube

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