Infants Left Home Alone Are Fine But Their Mom & Aunt Feared Dead

Ashley Key Britny HaarupIf you've been following the case of missing sisters Ashley Key and Britny Haarup, you probably found yourself hoping for something unusual. I was hoping their family was wrong. I was hoping that Britny Haarup up and left her two infants alone in their Missouri home on purpose. As awful as that sounds, it would have been better than what may have really happened to these young women.

Police in Missouri now say that they have found two bodies in a rural field. Although they haven't specifically said the bodies are those of Britny Haarup, who was just 19, and her 22-year-old sister, according to all the media reports, the sisters are likely dead.


Police say they found the bodies because of information they received while interviewing a suspect in the sisters' disappearance. That person is now in police custody and is being considered the only person linked to the women's disappearance.

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Haarup's family said all along that they didn't believe she would up and leave her little girls. They thought it was foul play from the get-go, and there were a lot of markers pointing to it. How many times have we heard that mothers are vulnerable to crime because they will put their children's safety ahead of their own? I have to wonder if that's what happened here -- if Britny and Ashley gave up their own lives to protect these precious infants.

When Britny's fiance, Matt Meyers, returned home to find the girls alone in their home, he also allegedly found a comforter soaked in blood. The family also said guns kept in the house were missing. Not to mention both women's purses were there, and Ashley's shoes had been left behind.

It looks like two little girls will now likely be raised without a mother. See why I almost wished that their mom had really up and left willingly? It would be so much better than this heartbreaking alternative.

Have you ever been in a situation where you took the danger to spare your kids?


Images via Platte County Sheriff’s Office

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