Snow Leopard Mom & Cubs Caught on Film for First Time

snow leopardsIt's something that has never been seen before. A conservation group has taken video of a snow leopard mom and her cubs in the mountains of Mongolia.

You see, these beautiful -- and nearly extinct creatures -- are incredibly secretive about their dens. It has been nearly impossible for scientists to track their habits, so that makes this footage even more special.


There are only about 4,500 left in the world. Most of what they know about the species has come from the ones living in zoos, so to get them in their natural habitat is a huge win for researchers, and for us animal lovers too.

At a time when we have access to every single thing imaginable -- thanks to Facebook, Twitpics and cell phone cameras -- it is amazing to come across something that no one has ever laid their eyes on before.

The clip shows the mother protectively cuddling with her little ones as they get ready to sleep for the night. It's a so sweet, you almost forget they are wild animals.

See the incredible footage here:

Can you believe this beautiful animal is nearly extinct?

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