Woman Proclaimed 'Dead' via Text Message May Have Been Escaping Marriage

Rajwinder Kauer
The worried family who received a terrifying text message from the phone of a missing Queens woman must be breathing a huge sigh of relief today. The 26-year-old woman was found alive and in Austin, Texas. The family had been upset because after the woman disappeared, her sister had received a cryptic and worrisome message that said, "The girl with this phone is dead was smiling." Creepy!

The cops had previously thought maybe the woman, Rajwinder Kauer, had joined "a cult" because she'd sold much of her belongings on eBay before disappearing. But there might be a different explanation.


Now police theorize that Rajwinder ran away to Texas in order to avoid an arranged marriage. However, the family denies they were trying to arrange a marriage for her. Her brother notes that two of her sisters married the men they chose for themselves, so why would they force her into an arranged marriage? Either way, this young woman clearly wasn't happy where she was.

While it's the people who end up with horrible fates who make the news, the fact is that the vast majority of people who "disappear" do so on their own volition. This is why New York City police won't even take a missing person's report for at least 24 hours and most states do the same. Unfortunately, this lag isn't good when the missing person has been abducted or is in trouble, but most have either run away or just gone somewhere on their own.

I can't imagine why this woman (or a friend using her phone) resorted to sending such a scary text message to her family, but there must be some serious issues with her and also with the family dynamic.

Family members are meeting Rajwinder in Austin to take her home. If there is an arranged marriage in the works, I hope she sticks to her guns and learns how to stand up to her family without resorting to running away.

Have you ever disappeared for awhile due to family pressures?

Image via NYPD

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