'Beloved' Dad Viciously Slashed Away Lives of His 3 Adoring Daughters, Say Cops

 Aaron SchaffhausenThe tragic and unfathomable story of the dad accused of killing his three daughters just reached even more horrific levels, if that's possible. Police are finally talking about exactly what happened to the three girls, ages 5, 8, and 11, that police found dead in their beds in Wisconsin Tuesday. And it turns out it had nothing to do with a seemingly "peaceful" gassing that was initially batted around but something far more sinister, violent, bloody and painful. The suspect Aaron Schaffhausen is accused of doing the deed with his very own hands.


How it went down, according to police (start holding your stomachs now), was that the 34-year-old Schaffhausen called his ex-wife, Jessica, and asked if he could have an unplanned visit with his three girls. She agreed he could come over to the house and relieve the sitter to spend time with the girls, but had to be gone by a certain time because she did not want to see him. Warning sign number one.

After the sitter left, cops say Schaffhausen used "sharp force injury" to the necks of each of his girls -- Amara, 11; Sophie Schaffhausen, 8, and 5-year-old Cecilia Schaffhausen, who was also strangled.

A quick search of "sharp force injury" likely means that he slit, stabbed or chopped at his little girls' precious necks with a knife or other weapon. Trying to push that image and the train of events that led up to the actual killings from my mind, I can't but ask: Were the sisters a witness to the other killings? Did they know what was going to happen to them?

The clincher to this story is how the girls were supposedly so excited to see their father, and give him a big running hug when he came in the door and took him upstairs to show him their rooms, at which time the baby sitter left.

As if this story really couldn't get any more disgusting, two hours later, Schaffhausen is said to have called his wife with this chilling message:


You can come home now because I killed the kids.

I was wrong. Wait. This story can get even worse. Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.
If found guilty, is life in prison without parole good enough for this guy?
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