Newly Discovered Drug Tunnels Between US & Mexico Are Blowing Everyone's Mind

If there was any doubt that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the United States has their work cut out for them, there isn't any longer. A series of sophisticated, underground passageways between the US and Mexico has been discovered in recent days and they make previous smuggling efforts look like child's play.

The three drug smuggling tunnels have been equipped with lighting and ventilation. One even included a rail car system for smuggling the drugs. The biggest one was 755 feet long and linked a warehouse in southwestern Arizona with an ice-making plant behind a strip club in Mexico.

Photos show that the tunnel could be accessed beneath a sink in the US and apparently had 57-foot deep shafts on either side. Authorities believe the Sinaloa cartel likely employed professional engineers to build this passageway into San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.


I am no fan of drug smugglers, obviously, but this is seriously bad ass. I don't care how much you hate the drug trade, credit where credit is due man.

This is not the first tunnel ever found. All told, more than 150 tunnels have been found in the war on drugs. But this is one of the most sophisticated ones and authorities are estimating it cost the cartel close to $1 million to build. Somehow I am betting the dude who was caught with 39 pounds of meth and more or less ratted them out is going to go down for this.

Drug smuggling is a dangerous, dangerous business and it seems those involved are getting smarter and more dangerous with every passing day.

With all the money spent on these efforts, wouldn't it be easier just to "legalize it" as they say? Couldn't we save a lot of money and a lot of pain and headaches (and danger to the lives of DEA agents) if we just regulated the drug trade, legalized it, and taxed it to death?

I am no economist, but I would support this. Maybe as the drug smugglers become more and more sophisticated, we ought to do the same. They stay one step ahead of us because we never change our game. They build it, we find it, we arrest them, and we send out a press release. Here's an idea: maybe change things up. Try a new game.

Clearly the smugglers are winning the war even if they did lose this battle.

What do you make of these tunnels?


Image via RaeAllen/Flickr

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