Missing Ohio Mom Reportedly Tried to Back Out of Vacation With Boyfriend

Lynn Jackenheimer
Lynn Jackenheimer
You know what they say about hindsight being 20/20 ... sadly, that's especially true when it comes to a suspected crime like the case of missing Ohio mom Lynn Jackenheimer. Jackenheimer's whereabouts are still unknown, as are those of her boyfriend Nathan Summerfield (the 33-year-old mother of 2 never came back from a vacation in North Carolina with Summerfield, her 13-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son). Things started to look pretty bad when Summerfield admitting "strangling" Jackenheimmer to his brother; if possible, they now look even worse: According to Jackenheimer's friend Alex Taylor, she was reluctant to go on the trip at all.


"I do know at one point she told Nate she was thinking about not going. He got quite upset about that and then the trip was back on," said Taylor.

Oh god, doesn't that just turn your stomach to hear? No, no! Why did you change your mind?! Trust your gut! Too often we hear stories like this one, beginning with a bad feeling and ending with unspeakable tragedy.

As more details about Jackenheimer and Summerfield's relationship emerge, it's easy to see why she didn't want to travel with the man. 27-year-old Summerfield received a suspended 60-day jail sentence and one year of intensive probation in 2010 for a conviction of domestic violence involving Jackenheimer, who was granted a temporary protection order at the time.

If only it had been a permanent protection order, she might not be missing today.

Do you think Lynn Jackenheimer knew something bad was going to happen on that trip?


Image via Ashland County Sheriff's Office

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