Man Convicted of Selling Kiddie Porn at Fast Food Drive-Thru

burger friesYou want porn with that?

A Wendy's worker was sentenced to 21 years in prison for peddling kiddie porn out of the drive-thru window at the San Antonio, Texas chain.

Prosecutors say patrons hungry for more than burgers and fries who pulled up and gave Juan Antonio Rosa the secret code word "Scooby Doo" would find a memory card filled with child pornography pictures in their fries.

"It kinda gives new meaning to the term, 'would you like fries with that?'" quipped Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy Thompson. No kidding.


Rosa, a former soldier, had served time in prison before on a child porn conviction and started working at Wendy's after his 2010 release. His sick little venture is probably one of the most surprising and disturbing ways I have ever heard of trafficking porn. "It is one of the few cases where he is actually trying to make a profit by exploiting these children even further," adds Thompson.

This isn't the only case of something being sold at a restaurant that clearly shouldn't be. Another local man was convicted of selling heroin over-the-counter at a small cafe. Diners would simply ask for it and the dope was served up on a platter -- literally.

It's frightening how creative criminals are getting these days. But that just means cops (and parents too) have to be that much more diligent about deciphering where dangers lurk.

Does this story surprise you? Have you heard of other bizarre crimes being committed at fast food restaurants?


Image via puliarf/Flickr

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