Crazy Shark Totally Scares Fisherwoman & Will Send You Reeling Too (VIDEO)

sarah brame looking shocked as shark catches her fishWhen Sarah Brame headed out on a fishing excursion with her fiance and stepfather recently down in South Carolina, I bet she never expected to have a near face-off with a bull shark over her very first catch! The young woman was in the process of reeling in a fish when Jaws came slicing through the water, nabbing the catch right off her line and knocking her back. Wild!

OF COURSE someone was filming the whole thing (because when aren't we staring at the world through our smartphones?), which means there's video of the incident making its way around news outlets and the web. The clip shows Brame hangin' on a dock in a hoodie, looking rather chill as she tries to pull in a red drum ... before crazy, hilarious disaster ensued.

Check it out ...


And here's the unedited, original clip from YouTube (with NSFW, PG-rated language, by the way!) ...

OMG. Can you imagine?! Would you have totally flipped out?

Brame told local station WPDE of the experience:

I was actually kind of scared, because I [saw] it jump and actually thought it could jump up here and get me. Because the tide was all the way up, and it was probably three feet below me.

"Kind of scared" sounds like an understatement! Then again, who could blame her ... My fiance actually caught a shark (which was much smaller than this one, but still) when he was fishing with my sister's boyfriend and my father in Key West a couple of years ago. He was pretty flipped out. Unfortunately, all they got from the run-in was a grainy pic on an old-school cellphone. So maybe Brame's freaky fishing experience is a lesson: Whenever you go fishing, make sure you're filming, because if you get fish-blocked by a shark, you may make national news and find yourself on Good Morning America!

How crazy/funny is this? Have you ever encountered a shark like this?

Image via Sarah Brame/YouTube

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