Woman Keeps Dead Boyfriend's Corpse for 2 Years Because She's Lonely (VIDEO)

Hey, remember the movie Psycho? The one with Anthony Perkins, not Vince Vaughn! Remember how Anthony's character, creepy hotel owner Norman Bates (spoiler here!), kept his mother's corpse in a chair in an upstairs bedroom, dressed her, and talked to her in HER voice? 'Memba that?! Well, a 72-year-old woman in Michigan, Linda Chase, must have seen that movie a bunch of times, because she decided to keep her boyfriend's dead body in a chair in her house. For, um, two years.


Police think Charles Zigler, 67, passed away from natural causes back in 2010. But Linda just went ahead and kept him in his favorite living room chair, chatted with him (in his voice too?!), and watched NASCAR with him. She reportedly did this because she was "lonely" and Zigler was the "only guy who was ever nice" to her. Oh, ladies, you know it's tough out there when a corpse is the best boyfriend you can find.

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Linda claims that her boyfriend's body didn't smell (hmm ... ) and she just didn't want to be alone. Gals, sometimes a relationship is just over, you know? Linda hasn't been charged with anything, but she is being investigated for financial fraud because, along with all of that "I see dead people" chatting and TV watching, Linda was apparently also cashing her boyfriend's benefit checks. Noooorrrmaaannnn!

Well, I feel for Linda. It is difficult to find a good man, and once you find one, it can hard to let him go -- even if it's to a funeral home. But at least Charles was loved. Maybe a little too much -- but loved.

Would you keep your man's corpse around?

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