Teacher & Suspected Child Molester Tries to Take the Easy Way Out But Doesn't Succeed

police car chaseA physical education teacher from a Los Angeles middle school led police on a crazy car chase Tuesday afternoon. The cops think Kip Arnold was suicidal. They also say he molested a little girl.

Folks, if there's anything that could possible make me madder than a teacher who kids trusted allegedly molesting a little girl, it's a suspected pedophile thinking he can take the easy way out. Because that's exactly what smashing your truck into a tree after leading the cops around town is -- trying to escape.


Right now we don't know if Arnold is guilty of committing lewd acts with a child or not. Only time, and the court system, can tell us that.

But if he isn't, the school teacher shouldn't have had a reason to run from the LAPD. It would be frustrating and scary, yes, but he could sit there and present his case. He could get a lawyer. He COULD fight it. Running off in your pick-up truck doesn't fix anything -- for you or for the family of the little girl.

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On the other hand, if Arnold is guilty, well, he doesn't deserve a chance to run from the cops. Police involved in the chase say Arnold told them by phone that he wanted to kill himself. Too bad, dude. No guilty pedophile should have the right to commit suicide either. He should have to face up to exactly what he did. After all, the victim of a pedophile doesn't get to escape what's been done to them, do they?

No crime victim gets off "easy" per se, but the effects of being sexually abused when you are a child are among the most horrific. It can haunt a child for the rest of their life, affect every relationship they have to come, not to mention destroying the sanctity of childhood. Their abuser should suffer an even worse fate.

I'm glad cops were able to capture Kip Arnold alive. Because we need answers. That child's family needs answer -- whether it's his guilt OR his innocence.

How do you think this car chase reflects on this teacher's behavior?


Image via Life Supercharger/Flickr

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